Scott Frame

Name: Scott Frame

Born: 10 October 1984

Twitter: @ScottFrameTSP

Current Speedway Involvement: Part of the Berwick Bandits media and commercial team. Leon Flint media manager.


A little bit about Scott - "I first got involved with Speedway through a personal blog (when that was all the rage) called 'Tapes-Up' while I was studying. I was then approached by Marc Gent at to become a regular contributor and went on to form an excellent working relationship with Marc. Together we were involved in many projects in the sport including podcasts, magazines, website design, and rider media management.


"In 2013 I got to know Edinburgh captain Derek Sneddon and until his retirement at the end of a hugely successful 2014 season I became part of his pit crew. For three seasons I also helped a few different riders in the pits including on occasion Steve Worrall, Joe Tabaka and Justin Sedgmen.


"Over the years my involvement with Edinburgh's media team grew and during the 2017 and 18 seasons I presented and produced over 100 Preview and Friday Focus shows. I also had the opportunity to come up with the idea for the Caledonian Riders Championship which I promoted for two seasons before ending my association with the club due to ill health.


"Once I was healthy enough I teamed up with the guys at Berwick where I helped raise funds to complete the Duns training track and I now lend a helping hand in the background with the club. I am now a fully fledged fan of the Bandits and have a love for the project in the Borders. 


"On a personal level I am a proud stroke survivor. By the age of 35 I had suffered two life threatening strokes that have effected my life in many different ways. One thing it didn't effect was my love for Speedway. Presenting and producing the Talk Speedway Podcast alongside Graham is a huge privilege and it's been exciting to see how quickly it has grown."

Graham Muncie

Name: Graham Muncie

Born: 28th May 1984

Twitter: @therealmuncie

Current Speedway Involvement: Press Officer and PR Team Edinburgh Monarchs

A little bit about Graham – ‘A speedway fan since being taken to Powderhall for the first time in 1989 at 4 years old I have been an almost ever present at Powderhall and Armadale (not to mention the ill fated year of the Scottish Monarchs at Shawfield) ever since. 

"A passion for writing evolved into becoming a part time freelance match reporter for Football for most newspapers both local and national within Scotland (although I am proud to say I have never accepted any work from The Sun) this led to being approached by the Monarchs to get involved in creating some content for them firstly for the programme doing a weekly interview with then team manager Alan ‘Doc’ Bridgett and also match previews for all Monarchs matches for the team website.

"This then evolved further in 2017 when I was approached to co-host the Monarchs Friday Focus and Preview shows being created by Scott although work commitments meant my appearances on the preview show were few and far between. At the same time, I also took on the role as Monarchs track correspondent for the Speedway Star.

"In recent seasons I have carried on hosting the Friday Focus show alongside various other duties at Armadale including producing live updates for the Monarchs website and race commentary for the in-house produced DVD’s. Further to this I was also the co-host on the first and to this day I believe only weekly radio show dedicated solely to Speedway ‘Tapes-up’ which appeared on RockSport Radio alongside Glasgow’s Derek Smith.

"Outside of Speedway I can still be found touring round the outer reaches of Scottish Football providing match reports for the press and I am the author of the content for two books on Formula 1 the first of which peaked at a whopping 2256th on the Amazon best seller list, my favourite review of which was ‘I only bought this so I got free shipping on my order but I actually enjoyed it’.

"The Talk Speedway Podcast truly is a labour of love for both Scott and I and we only hope that the listeners get as much enjoyment out of the show as much as we do. It is a true honour that our guests and listeners give us their time and we have big plans for the future."

Regular Contributors

James Partridge

Name: James Partridge

Born: 11 December 1985

Twitter: @FromThe1stBend


A little bit about James - "I first got interested in Speedway back in 1990, when my family lived a few minutes away from the Dudley Wood track. My father was a huge fan, and took me along one Saturday night, and from there on in, I was hooked. The sound of the engines, the smell of methanol, the sight of riders going round at such speed, it was a wonderful experience. I would be there every home meeting to cheer on my Heathens' heroes like Jan O. Pedersen and Greg Hancock.


"Sadly when the Heathens lost their track back in 1995, my trips to Speedway would slow down. However with Sky Sports picking up live coverage of the Elite League, Grand Prixs and eventually the Speedway World Cup, my interest in the sport continued, and still allowed me to keep my eye on what was happening in the sport. Getting to watch the likes of Rickardsson, Crump and Gollob perform like they did was a pure joy to watch.


"As I got older and got more interested in the sport, I began to broaden my horizons, and began to check out the European leagues, more specifically, the Polish Ekstraliga. It was another way of seeing the big names compete, and also seeing some of the impressive Polish youngsters start to rise up the ranks. This also led to me feeling like I'd want to choose a club to support. With the riders they had at the time, and loving the atmosphere and feeling that the fans provided when watching, I chose Stal Gorzow as my club.


"I've always had a keen interest in writing and discussing things I enjoy. This led to me deciding to want to look into helping provide updates and information on Speedway, especially from the European leagues and so From the First Bend was born. I've been running this social media account since 2016, and have loved how much it's grown each season. The chance to chat and interact with fellow fans as the meeting goes on, and the friendships grown from it, has made it so worth running the account. It's a privilege to run, and help fellow fans out with information!"

James Black

Name: James Black
Born: 23rd March 1987
Twitter: @Mythman666
Current Speedway Involvement: Berwick Bandits fan and part of the matchday programme and website blog contributor/ columnists team. In 2020 I was also due to be a programme contributor for Redcar Bears.

A little bit about James -  "I first attended speedway at Berwick's old Berrington Lough track as a youngster around 1994/95 and truth be told I don't remember an awful lot about it! Fast forward a few years to 1999 and by pure chance I got the opportunity to go to Shielfield to watch the Bandits and from that point on, I was hooked.


"I simply couldn't believe what I was witnessing, the noise, the smell and the somewhat gladiatorial nature of these unbelievable machines rip snorting round the track at all sorts of strange angles took an instant grip of me and the rest is pretty much history.

"Somewhere around the mid to late 2000s or so I started to write meeting previews for the Bandits on the Speedway Forum in what started out as just a bit of fun.  Eventually I started writing full season previews which gained a little bit of infamy at the time having started out as a bit of a joke between myself and a few friends.

"Around the time when John Anderson took over the Bandits, then commercial manager Phil Newton asked if he could use one of my season previews in the matchday programme, provided I cleaned it up a little! What I assumed at the time would be a one time thing eventually lead to me becoming a regular programme contributor alongside the likes  of  Dick Barrie, George Dodds and Dennis McCleary.

"When the club was sold to Scott and Jamie Courtney I stayed on as a programme columnist and that eventually lead to me becoming a regular contributor on the club website, with weekly blogs on the Dirt Xtra section of the club website.

"As more and more content began to be uploaded on the website I decided to set up my own Facebook  page called JB Speedway Media where I share the links to the weekly blogs as well  as other projects I may be involved with. When Scott and Graham approached me about the opportunity to be a small part of the Talk  Speedway Podcast, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Albeit a little out of my usual comfort zone, it brings about a new challenge on a topic I never get tired of talking about."

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